These photos show two of the visitors to our Healthy Baby Clinic on Monday mornings, Maria, a healthy infant, and Tomas, who will need lots of care and support from ASELSI. During their last prenatal visit our pregnant mothers are given an appointment to return for a complete newborn assessment. The 15 - 20 days old babies are weighed, measured, and given a complete physical exam. We pray that each baby is healthy, but often we find malnutrition and developmental problems, like little Tomas. ASELSI offers care and support for him and for all of these babies.
Mothers who have difficulty breast feeding are given instructions in breast massage and a vitamin rich diet. To further enhance breast milk production, the mothers are given vitamins, brewer's yeast tablets, and a natural plant called "ixbut" to make a tea that supports milk production. Babies who continue undernourished after these efforts are referred to our Milk Program. 
Each baby receives a layette, and a handmade, warm blanket and hat, and prayer.