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Missionary and ASELSI teacher Mariette Rojas, brought a new perspective to the table at a recent ASELSI Bible Studies devotional. 

When students arrived, chairs were set up around tables covered by maps or with a globe sitting in the middle. Each group of students had to try and find the countries listed on a set of labels that they taped in place on the map. 

Mariette launched her talk about the spiritual needs of the world from the perspective of the very popular World Cup of Soccer that was then being played in Russia at the time of the class. She said that some people say that they are Christian so they don't watch the "Mundial" (The word for the world also used for the title of these games.), but that we should pay attention to the world and the need for Christ.

After the students finished putting the labels in place, Mariette showed several impactful slides talking about population, religious centers, nutrition and other global statistics to help these students get a greater perspective on the world outside of their present location so they can pray for the nations and have a world wide perspective on the need for Christ.

ASELSI is training up a new generation of leaders who we believe will impact their families, churches, communities and their world.

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Fifteen people from Bellefield Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsilvania, came to ASELSI and used their many talents to help equip, care for and build up the people of Guatemala.

The team traveled to San Antonio, Ilotenango, a town a little over an hour away from Chichicastenango. This team served the people, taught the Bible, and spent time with leaders and members of the church there.

On their second day in San Antonio they provided medical and dental care, did activities for children, and visited families in three homes where they listened to the stories of life in rural Guatemala and encouraged the families with prayer.

In San Antonio the team dentist saw 12 patients and general consult doctors saw 159 patients.

When they came back to Chichicastenango, they continued with medical and dental care in the clinic (30 dental patients and 91 general consult patients), while team member Anita Woolley taught three seminars on building "smart" teams.

They also taught cookie making to some of the mothers at the Jesus’ Little Lambs Center. They visited the hospital to pray for the sick and rounded out their trip with cement construction projects to help ASELSI maintain the only road that provides access to the campus.

We are thankful to Bellefield Church for their team’s heart to serve and care for the people of Guatemala!



Chulumal I, Chichicastenango, Quiché

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