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Letty Cruz has a favorite “hat”.

If we could see an invisible hat rack in her office we’d see that this 15-year veteran of the ASELSI clinic has a heart to serve wherever she is needed. She has a laboratory technician hat, one for receptionist, another for serving in the physical therapy area, a hat for keeping up on office duties, and some retired hats that would read: interim clinic director, cook, teacher, and more. But there is one hat that she likes the best. It’s the hat that would read “Ophthalmology.” For those of us who don’t speak medical jargon, that’s the eye and glasses program.

If Letty had to choose her favorite of all the things she does, the eye program would be the one she’d choose above the others.

This program sees hundreds of patients each year. They start in the ASELSI clinic, but Letty and her team don’t just stay around here. They carefully pack their glasses and supplies and travel hours out into the mountains to serve patients who have little or no access to eye care.

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Manuela's sister died at the hospital shortly after giving birth to her baby girl. When the baby's father abandoned her, Manuela stepped up to care for the newborn. But she didn't know how to care for a baby. Check out the video to see how the Milk Program at ASELSI trained and equipped Manuela to save baby Azuceny's life.




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We need your help

to keep our doctors in the ASELSI clinic.

Drs. Orlando and Gabi (pictured above) serve our patients with loving hearts, prayer, and professional care, but keeping just one doctor on staff costs ASELSI about $1000 per month. The two doctors serving in the ASELSI Clinic are vital to the mission of caring for our patients.

$34 per day keeps a caring doctor in the ASELSI clinic.

That's $34 per day to provide the bare minimum of care for the thousands of patients--elderly, men, women, mothers, children, and babies -- who walk through our doors every year.

 Without these doctors we will have to turn patients away.

Thanks to a generous donor, we have a matching grant to help us keep our doctors in 2019, but we need your help to match that gift by November 15.
Donate now and your gift will be matched up to $12,000. That means $500 becomes $1,000, $100 becomes $200, $5 becomes $10. No amount is too big or too small because every gift helps keep our clinic running, caring for patients and transforming their lives.

Please join us by donating to help keep our doctors doing their jobs as we equip leaders and transform lives in Guatemala.

 This drive ends Nov. 15, 2018 so donate now to keep our clinic in full operation in 2019!


For checks you may send a check made out to:

Christian Fellowship Church 

4600 Christian Fellowship Road 

Columbia, MO 65203

 Be sure to include “ASELSI Clinic Matching Gift” in the memo so your donation will be doubled!

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ASELSI Directors Emanuel and Jessica Perez will be visiting six states as they share the latest about what God had done in Guatemala and beyond. Check the schedule below to see if you can join up with them to hear the latest news in person!

  1. Aug 23 to 26th - Absecon Methodist Church, NJ  -- Speaking at the services on Sunday, Aug 26th 


  1. Sept 1 and 2 - Conley's Methodist Church in DE -- Sharing during part of the Saturday and Sunday services.


  1. Sept 5-9 Visiting Greentree Church, Egg Harbor Township, NJ -- Sharing during part of the Sunday Service on Sept. 9



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Missionary and ASELSI teacher Mariette Rojas, brought a new perspective to the table at a recent ASELSI Bible Studies devotional. 

When students arrived, chairs were set up around tables covered by maps or with a globe sitting in the middle. Each group of students had to try and find the countries listed on a set of labels that they taped in place on the map. 

Mariette launched her talk about the spiritual needs of the world from the perspective of the very popular World Cup of Soccer that was then being played in Russia at the time of the class. She said that some people say that they are Christian so they don't watch the "Mundial" (The word for the world also used for the title of these games.), but that we should pay attention to the world and the need for Christ.

After the students finished putting the labels in place, Mariette showed several impactful slides talking about population, religious centers, nutrition and other global statistics to help these students get a greater perspective on the world outside of their present location so they can pray for the nations and have a world wide perspective on the need for Christ.

ASELSI is training up a new generation of leaders who we believe will impact their families, churches, communities and their world.

If you'd like to help us continue training up this generation of new leaders, consider supporting ASELSI with a monthly gift. CLICK HERE TO GIVE.

Chulumal I, Chichicastenango, Quiché

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